Not an ordinary headshot

For people who are extraordinary

If you look at successful dating profiles and celebrity photos, these people look like they're meant to be there, they're confident and present, not dying with anxiety and fear. When you see that iconic portrait of Steve Jobs on the cover of Walter Isaacson's book, he's owns it... And he hates photographers.

I take headshots for people who need to stand out, and convey an image of confidence, competence and likability. I don't embellish with props and overly retouch. You have everything you need with the 42 muscles in your face. It is my job to bring out an expression that grabs the eye and makes you look boss.

“You know how to make a lady look boss! 🙌🏼”

How we work

Book your time unlimited session

We don't have time limits on our sessions because most clients take some time to warm up and get comfortable with the camera so that they can pull out the best expressions. Putting time pressure won't get the best results.

Get in touch with the studio and tell us a bit more about what you need the headshots for. We want to understand whether it's for LinkedIn, a magazine, or speaking engagement. What do you want to convey? Is it a sense of competence? Leadership? Approachability? We will then talk you through outfit selection. Without time pressure, most clients will be able to try on about 3-5 different "looks" i.e., outfit combinations. Depending on your needs, we can advise you on what to bring for shoot day.

Shoot day

Once you arrive at our studio, we'll get you settled in with a tea or coffee or something stronger if you fancy and discuss any final questions you might have.

Together with the hair and makeup team we will review your outfits and decide the best way to style you, and once everyone is agreed, we get to work. Women will usually spend about an hour in hair and makeup and men will take about 30 minutes.

When ready, we get you in front of the camera and we get to work! Most of the time it's just having a conversation and if I see an expression I like, I shoot.

Image selection

Once the shoot is done, we'll sit together and help you select the best images based on your initial brief. Projecting the appearance of a competent CEO, maybe means that you don't look like the friendly guy or gal your friends and family would pick as their favourite image.

Once the best images are selected we send the selections off to retouching. Our client needs are diverse, so we don't have packages, instead we charge for the session separately from the images, and you choose and pay for as many images as you need and no more.

Retouching and delivery

All of your selected images will be retouched by professional retouchers whose work appears in galleries and magazines. The standard retouching service includes: colour correction, whitening of teeth and blemish removal (bye bye pimples!). It's important to us that you look like the best version of you, but are recognisable as you when you walk into that meeting.

This process takes 7-10 days and when your images are ready we send you a link to your private client portal on this site to download your images. We will make the best efforts to keep those images there for the foreseeable future so you can direct media, and clients to download the high-res images from there if need be also.

Session fees


Time unlimited photoshoot with Jonathan and men's makeup with makeup artist.



Time unlimited photoshoot with Jonathan and womens makeup with makeup artist.



Time unlimited photoshoot with Jonathan, full styling team (stylist, hair and makeup.)

Contact us

Final images with standard retouching are HK$450 each

“Jonathan took headshots for me, and I highly recommend his services. I don't usually like having photos taken, but Jonathan is super engaging and he put me totally at ease... He is friendly, professional and super talented.”

Frequently asked questions

I hate getting my photo taken

Not a question, but it comes up with 98% of my first time clients and 2% of my repeat clients and frankly it's a bloody weird situation to be in so if you're anxious, you're normal.

What you should know is when you're working with me, it's more like a chat and occasionally I press the camera button. You're not a trapped, performing monkey. We'll have coffee (or bubbles if you like) and get to know each other better and you can see what I'm shooting and how you are getting better every frame.

What should I wear?

Our sessions are time unlimited so usually clients get through about 5 outfit changes before their eyes completely glaze over.

My advice is to have plain colours with no patterns. Men can try a few variations of shirts, t-shirts, jacket / no jacket and tie / no tie. Women can do the same but have some additional flexibility of neckline variations.

Don't wear any jewellery, it distracts and detracts from your face.

How do I prepare?

Drink lots of water the day before and get lots of sleep. It's that simple.

What should I do about pimples and other blemishes?

Ignore them. Retouching out blemishes is part of the standard service and our make up artists are great.

I'm ready

Make me look boss

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